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Consultation Call

Your journey starts with an initial consult call. Our admissions team will gather essential information about your needs and answer questions you may have. The call sets the foundation for your personalized treatment experience.

Insurance Verification

Once we understand your needs, we’ll help verify your insurance coverage and explore financial options. We work to make our admissions process seamless for accessibility to leading-edge care.

Intake Assessment

Following insurance verification, we’ll arrange a comprehensive intake assessment, which will serve as the cornerstone for crafting your tailored treatment plan.

Treatment Plan Development

Using insights from your intake assessment, our team collaborates to create a treatment plan to address your unique circumstances. Your plan outlines detox protocols and therapy approaches for holistic recovery and wellness.


Your Insurance,
Our Care

We work with various insurance providers and accept most major insurance plans. Utilizing insurance for addiction treatment ensures you have access to comprehensive, quality care. We encourage you to use your insurance benefits to access the resources and support you need for successful recovery.
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