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Individual and Group Therapy

Individual and
Group Therapy


Healing Together, One Step at a Time

At San Diego Detox, healing starts through the power of both individual and group therapy. Our addiction treatment program provides a supportive, nurturing environment to begin your recovery journey. You’re empowered to address underlying issues, develop resilience, and build coping skills through personalized one-on-one therapy and group sessions.
Whether in a group setting or it’s just you and your therapist, sessions provide a space for connection, reflection and transformation. Therapy fosters healing and hope so you can start to embrace your future free from addiction. In individual therapy, you can go through a focused exploration of personal challenges. In group therapy, you have a sense of support and community where you can engage in meaningful dialogue, share experiences and gain insight.

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Individual therapy is one-on-one, involving sessions between a client and therapist to address personal challenges and goals related to addiction and recovery. It’s a private and confidential space where you can explore emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a personalized and focused way.
During your sessions, you’ll work with your therapist. Varying techniques may help you overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful positive change. These can include motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You explore the issues that contributed to your addiction, build coping skills and set individualized recovery goals.
During group therapy, a small group of people facing similar challenges to your own will come together. A therapist leads group therapy and provides the chance to receive and provide support, share experiences and learn from others. The benefits of group therapy include reduced isolation, a sense of belonging, peer support, accountability, and the promotion of social skills.
Your therapy schedule at San Diego Detox is according to your treatment plan. Depending on your needs, you could participate in group therapy daily or several times a week and individual therapy sessions weekly.
The duration of your therapy sessions in addiction treatment varies depending on your needs and treatment progress, as well as your program’s structure. You might continue therapy throughout your treatment plan, and you could continue on an outpatient basis once you leave the center to support your long-term goals.
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