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Embracing Wellness Through Holistic Healing

At San Diego Detox, we believe in treating the whole person—mind, body and spirit. This is facilitated through holistic therapies as part of addiction treatment. Holistic therapies encompass a broad set of practices that aim to foster balance, restore harmony and cultivate well-being across all areas of life. We integrate holistic approaches alongside evidence-based treatments to address addiction comprehensively.
From mindfulness practices to yoga, art therapy and more, our holistic therapies offer tools for self-discovery, healing and growth along the recovery journey. With holistic approaches, we empower you to reconnect with yourself, cultivate inner strength and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Extending beyond the treatment of addiction alone, holistic therapies reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and improve mood, giving you a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

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Holistic Therapy Overview


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Holistic therapies are broad and include a range of practices to address all aspects of recovery. Therapies that are considered holistic in addiction treatment include meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, massage and more.
Holistic therapies work alongside traditional addiction treatment to provide additional tools for self-discovery and healing. Traditional therapies focus on addiction from a behavioral and psychological standpoint. Holistic therapies target the mind-body-spirit connection, enhancing effectiveness and promoting overall well-being.
Participating in holistic treatment approaches can benefit people at all stages of recovery. They can also be part of your relapse prevention plan for long-term sobriety maintenance. These therapies can be especially helpful if you want to address trauma, manage symptoms of co-occurring mental conditions, reduce stress or improve your overall quality of life.
Benefits of these therapies in your addiction treatment plan include emotional healing, stress reduction, and improved physical health. These complementary treatment approaches can also increase spiritual growth and self-awareness to promote long-term healing and wellness.
Holistic therapies aren’t a replacement for traditional treatment modalities like therapy, counseling and medication management. Instead, they enhance the treatment’s effectiveness for complete healing on a deeper level.
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