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Residential Treatment



Healing Starts with Serenity

At San Diego Detox, a residential treatment program integrates tranquility with transformative care. Our facility offers a supportive, serene and private environment for those seeking a comprehensive recovery from addiction. Our center is a refuge focused on personalized attention and holistic healing.

A residential treatment program is designed to address the complex needs of each person. The program offers a structured but nurturing environment conducive to healing and growth. From evidence-based therapies to luxurious amenities, we prioritize your comfort and well-being each step of the way. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals guides you through a carefully curated treatment plan addressing the symptoms of addiction you experience, as well as the underlying causes.

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Residential Treatment Overview


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Residential treatment is also known as inpatient rehab. These programs provide a structured environment where you reside onsite for a designated period. You can receive support and care for addiction. You participate in counseling, therapy and activities promoting sustainable long-term recovery.
The duration of a residential treatment program depends on your individual needs. The length of your stay will be determined during your assessment and based on ongoing evaluation from our treatment professionals.
Our residential treatment programs address many substance use disorders, including alcohol, opioid and stimulant addiction. We also provide treatment for polysubstance abuse and offer treatment for co-occurring disorders in our residential programs.
San Diego Detox offers many amenities, including outdoor areas, a lazy river, a fitness center and a movie theater. These amenities enhance the client experience and help promote comfort and well-being. We also offer private accommodation, gourmet meals, and therapeutic amenities.
Residential treatment costs depend on individual factors, but insurance coverage may offset some or all of the expenses. We work with most major insurers and can verify your coverage as well.
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