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Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Therapies in San Diego, CA

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

With our supportive staff and evidence-based therapies, our clients show remarkable improvement in their quest for a life free from addiction. Our team is knowledgeable, proficient, and dedicated to every resident who walks through our doors. Each of our team members chose their career path with the intent to help others, and they do just that every day.

We know that the withdrawal process is never easy, but we want to assure you that we have different therapeutic tools in place that make the withdrawal process as manageable as possible. With San Diego Detox at your side, you will receive the utmost care and compassion as you regain a hold on your health.

Therapies at San Diego Detox

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At San Diego Detox, we accept most major PPO insurance. Contact us to learn if your insurance provider can cover your treatment program with us.