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Effective Substance Abuse and Mental Health Therapies in San Diego, CA


With our supportive staff and evidence-based therapies, our clients show remarkable improvement in their quest for a life free from addiction. Our team is knowledgeable, proficient, and dedicated to every resident who walks through our doors. Each of our team members chose their career path with the intent to help others, and they do just that every day.

Care and Compassion

We know that the withdrawal process is never easy, but we want to assure you that we have different therapeutic tools in place that make the withdrawal process as manageable as possible. With San Diego Detox at your side, you will receive the utmost care and compassion as you regain a hold on your health.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that helps manage your challenges by changing how you think and behave. Anxiety and depression are the most common conditions CBT is used to treat, but it can also be used in alleviating other mental health issues such as challenges related to alcohol misuse.

CBT views our feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and the actions we take as interconnected elements. This therapy also views negative feelings and thoughts as being able to trap us in an endless loop of toxicity.

The aim of our CBT program at San Diego Detox is to help you positively tackle big problems by breaking them down into bits and pieces, making them more manageable. We help to show you ways in which you can change these patterns of negativity and improve how you feel. Cognitive behavioral therapy is unique in that it focuses on your current issues rather than dealing with problems from the past. At San Diego Detox, we always look for practical ways to help you stay clean and mentally agile on a day-to-day basis.

Based on your specific situation, we would assess you to find out if CBT will work for you, otherwise, we use an alternative therapy.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Like CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is also a talking therapy that helps you accept yourself, feel safe, and effectively manage your emotions. Its operations are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but it is tailored specifically for those of us who feel emotions very strongly.

The aim of this form of therapy is to help you make sense of and accept your difficult feelings, acquire skills and tools that can assist you to manage the feelings, and strengthen you to make positive life changes.

We understand that two separate things in life can seem opposite, yet both could be true. For instance, accepting who you are and changing your behavior might come off as contradictory. At San Diego Detox, we have developed DBT tools that help you realize that it is possible for you to both accept yourself and change for the better. Our therapists tactfully balance acceptance techniques with change techniques.

Our dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) programs help clients with depression, borderline personality disorder, cutting addiction, as well as drug and alcohol issues. After carefully assessing your situation, if we see that you are a good candidate for DBT, we employ this therapy as part of your unique treatment plan. Otherwise, we offer you an equally efficient alternative therapy suited to your individual needs.

Family System Approach to Treatment

Our family system approach to treatment at San Diego Detox helps you resolve the issues that arise in your family as a result of the impact of mental health challenges. We understand that when a family member has a mental health issue, it affects the rest of the family unit emotionally, financially, and in various other ways.

We invite you to check out our family therapy as it focuses on the interaction of the individual in accordance with every other person in the family. It also helps our clients understand themselves in relation to their families. In this form of therapy, we won’t focus on the symptoms that the client presents themselves with, but we would instead use a systemic method to help both the individual and their family members jointly develop new living patterns and give room for growth.

We designed our family system approach to treatment at San Diego Detox to assist families in communication, problem-solving, and coping skills enhancement as well as to improve the emotional connection that exists among every member of the family unit.

Music Therapy

Music naturally has mood-lifting properties. At San Diego Detox, we tap into this advantage of music to offer psychotherapy for our clients and help them improve their mental health. To get the best out of this therapy, we encourage our clients to make music, sing, dance, listen to music, write songs, and discuss music.

The good news is you don’t need a background in music to enjoy the immense benefits of San Diego Detox’s music therapy. Our music therapy tools are useful in treating clients with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self-esteem issues, emotional disturbance, and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Some of the benefits of music therapy include:

  • Relieving stress
  • Encouraging feelings of calm
  • Release of endorphins (our bodies’ natural painkillers)
  • Activating regions of our brain that are responsible for memory, emotions, decision-making, etc.
At San Diego Detox, we combine music therapy with our other treatment tools to help you restore your mental health. After assessing your condition, if we see that music therapy won’t be effective for your condition we have other alternative therapies that should help your unique condition.

Art Therapy

With art therapy, clients learn the basics of artistic creativity; it also teaches them how to use new mediums in exploring their inner emotions.

With the help of a certified art therapist, we teach our clients how to make use of art media, their imagination, and the artworks they produce to explore how they feel, handle their behavior and addictions, deal with emotional conflicts, increase self-esteem, identity, and more.

At San Diego Detox, we use different types of art in our art therapy to facilitate addiction and mental health rehabilitation in our treatment center. These art types include drawing, painting, sculpting, and various other mediums. Through our art therapy sessions, clients will feel restored in their personal well-being and sense of functionality.