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Professional and Effective Detox in Southern California

A Safe and Comfortable Space

At San Diego Detox, we believe that a secure and medically supervised environment is essential so clients go through the detox process with optimum ease and effectiveness. We strive to prepare individuals for the next steps in the continuum of care, such as inpatient drug rehab, outpatient care, sober living, and aftercare. Using these factors as a compass, we have created a treatment facility that is not only safe, but also comfortable, quiet, and efficiently supervised.

Gender-Specific Accommodations

We recognize that, at times, people heal better when in a women’s only or a men’s only setting. As such, we provide gender-specific accommodations. However, we also acknowledge that some form of healing occurs in co-ed settings, and we occasionally facilitate mixed-gender programs. We offer clients the best of both worlds with single and mix-gender treatments, and our co-ed groups help to instill a sense of community amongst our residents.

A Space Catered to Your Every Need

We understand that detoxification can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation. However, we have built our facility and organized our care plans to ensure that the process is as safe as possible while equipping clients with the necessary skills to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Our staff members go above and beyond to form a connection with residents and help them through the healing process.

High-Quality Amenities to Ensure Healing

Whether you are coming to our facility for medical detox, sub-acute detox, or inpatient drug rehab, you will find that San Diego Detox is well-staffed 24/7 to ensure non-stop caregiving for our clients. Throughout your stay, you can enjoy top-tier comfort in our single and private rooms with TVs. You will also have access to our in-facility movie theater, our gym, and our lazy river, and our well-serviced kitchens are staffed by professional chefs. The San Diego Detox facility is situated in an environment that is both constructive and supportive of mental and physical wellness.