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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Holistic and Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Sustainable Sobriety

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Alcohol addiction does not discriminate. Problem drinking affects people of all ages and from all demographics. Recent statistics tell us that more than 14 million youth and. Adults in the United States meet the diagnostic criteria for an alcohol use disorder (alcoholism). Treatments for alcohol addiction are varied and highly effective yet, fewer than 10% of those who live with the life altering effects of chronic alcohol use will ever receive the help they need to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety, leading to nearly 100,000 deaths from alcohol-related factors each year.

Types of Therapy

There are several treatment options your treatment team may include as part of a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan. For example:

  • Behavioral therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, motivational interviewing and dialectical behavior therapy
  • MAT (Medication assisted treatment)
  • Dual diagnosis treatment 
  • Medically supported withdrawal
  • Peer support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Nutritional support and counseling
  • Holistic therapy options including art therapy, music therapy, outdoor adventure therapy, yoga and recreational therapy

What we do

Seeking help at our program at San Diego Detox allows you to seek the help you need to begin your journey to wellness in an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and supported. Our highly skilled team of treatment professionals uses proven, evidence-based treatment models to ensure each individually designed treatment program focuses on your specific needs as you enter treatment.  We will meet you where you are and help you take steps forward toward lasting physical, emotional and spiritual healing. 

Start the Path to Lasting Treatment

Research also shows that treatment for alcohol addiction is a vital step towards recovery. Data from various studies show up to 1/3 of people who received treatment for alcohol use disorders remain sober and symptom free a year after completing their treatment program. It is important to remember that addiction affects everyone differently. 

Therefore, treatment must address the needs of the person, not their addiction. Cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all treatment models are often ineffective at helping you achieve your therapeutic goals. At San Diego Detox, you can begin your journey toward recovery with a personalized, uniquely designed treatment plan that fits your treatment needs including supported detox and withdrawal, addiction therapy and holistic care and support. 

Personalized Therapy

The journey to overcoming addiction looks different for everyone. Depending on the type and severity of your addiction, your treatment plan may take longer or rely on different therapy models than someone else’s. At San Diego Detox, our experienced providers choose therapeutic options for each patient based on their individual physical, emotional, and spiritual goals.

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San Diego Detox accepts many forms of insurance and coverages will vary. Our insurance specialists can help you understand your particular coverage and how you can use it for your recovery treatments.

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